Sunday School – Christmas Pageant

On December 18th, the WUC Sunday School put on a play that brought to life the birth of Jesus Christ from a slightly more modern perspective.  The story of the birth was captured on a live news broadcast with field reporters getting input from whomever (and whatever) was willing to speak to them.  We laughed, we cried… and then we laughed again.  Great job kids!

We were also lucky enough to have some special music for the service provided by some of our own talented musicians.

Sunday School – Remembrance Day Letters

On Sunday, November 6th, the children and youth at Westminster United Church created cards of thanks to send to the Veterans in our community. They were mailed today…..

“I just want to say how very touched I was by the words that the youth and children wrote on each card as they addressed them to these brave men and women who have served our country!

Thank you Sunday School and Youth Group! I am so proud of you for offering our gratitude to the Veterans…. and for helping us to all to remember and give thanks…on November 11th…” – Brenda Curtis