Youth Group – Halloween Party

WUC Youth Group got together for a memorable Halloween Party!  Reverend Brenda and Reverend Matteo Carboni (from the St. Andrews Anglican Church in Humboldt) hosted the event with lots of fun (and spooky) activities which included; apple bobbing for worms, worm in whip cream search (with their faces!), pumpkin carving, blind-folded food guessing, and discussion around the origination of the holiday.  Otherwise, a pretty typical Friday night at Youth Group!






Mission and Service Fund – Ten Thousand Villages

Christmas in October…

Consider supporting the Mission & Service Fund, plus Fair Trade Products, by ordering items from Ten Thousand Villages for your Christmas baking, Christmas gifts, or stocking stuffers.  The order sheets are attached.

Sales will be accepted throughout October and delivered in November.  Contact Elan at 306.682.2168 or if you have questions.

Your purchase supports the Mission and Service Fund, farmers in Palestine, South America and Africa, Open House (a centre for Jewish, Muslim and Christian women and children to work and socialize together) and deaf children and adults in Gaza, Palestine.  (click the link below to see the entire brochure and form)



Youth Group – Games Night!

There was a huge turnout for the WUC Youth Group on October 21st for the games night!  A total of 16 kids from grade 6 to 10 showed up with some of their favorite games for an evening of good times and laughter.  The night got kicked off with an old favorite, Rummoli, and ended with a variety of groups playing cards, bananagrams, video games, and clue.  We’re not sure what went over better, the games or the snacks… both tables were plenty busy!

Don’t forget to come out to the big Halloween Mashup this coming up week (Oct 28th).  Dress up in costume and join Reverend Brenda in celebrating Halloween and discussing the traditions of Halloween and All Saint’s Day.

Kicking things off with Rummoli!
Cribbage (minus the cribbage board)
Cribbage (minus the cribbage board)

Fundraiser – Fowl Supper

It’s time again for the Annual Westminster Fowl Supper!  Bring a friend for Turkey and all the Trimmings!

Sunday November 6, 2016 at Westminster United Church, Humboldt, SK

Sittings at 4:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:00pm

Limited number of home deliveries at 4:00pm only (call Paul at Misty Gardens 682-5737 to arrange home deliveries)

Price: Adults – $15.00, Children 6-12yrs old – $7.00


Tickets are available from:

Larry Bell (682-4825)

Maxine Mesenchuk (682-2303)

Allison Sarauer (598-2018)

Debbie Reekie (682-2273)

Shoppers Drug Mart (Bill) (682-2541)

South 20 Dodge (Willie) (682-3900)

Misty Gardens (Paul)(682-5737)


Fundraiser – WUC Garage Sale

On October 15th, 2016, Westminster held our now annual garage sale event to raise money for the Sound and Sidewalk fund.  The garage sale was a huge success and was all made possible by the generous donations of our congregation, baking sales provided by the WUC Youth Group, and of course the exceptional donation of the facility at Misty Gardens!  Thank you everyone for your generosity!


Confirmation Sunday

Through celebration of confirmation:  Julie Francis Frostad & Brody Daniel Hinz

“God calls each of us and claims us, inviting us into a deep relationship, which can change the way we view the world.  So, we come in this time, to this place, in response to God’s call, to seek the gift of new life given through the baptism of water and the Spirit, and through confirmation in faith.  It is with joy and thanksgiving we celebrate the faith we all share, and rededicate ourselves to the life and work of the body of Christ.”




Bless Your Pets Service

October 2, 2016 was a busy and exciting day at Westminster United Church and not the least of the excitement was a chance for the congregation to bring their beloved pets to be a part of the annual “Bless Your Pets Service”.  The service was filled with fun, laughter, blessings, and some unexpected chain reactions… (you’ll have to get the scoop on that from one of the attendees!).  At the end of it all, everyone had a wonderful time sharing their other family members with their friends at the church.