Stewardship – Dee Robertson

This is a poster that I had made for our church. The inspiration for the poster came to me after spending a long evening with our church group working on the new governance model, our proposed new way of organizing how our church will be run.

Looking at the model, and realizing that there would be no more committees, including no stewardship committee, it came to me, like a whisper from nowhere, how appropriate it was that Stewardship would no longer be considered the responsibility of a small group of members. I saw so clearly that, in fact, our Whole church is totally immersed in Stewardship. That in fact, stewardship is what we All are about. We are All, in immeasurable ways, involved in using our Time, our Talent, and our Tithe to carry out the work of our church. We are indeed a church that serves. We serve our church community, the wider Humboldt community and out into the world community.

Even those of us who can no longer find the energy, time or money to serve a more active role in stewardship, by our very presence in the congregation, by just occupying a part of a pew, we are actually serving one of the most important roles of stewardship. Without our being there, without us sitting in the pews each Sunday morning, there would be no church.


So, that is what my new poster was meant to tell.

We are a church that serves, and we are ALL about stewardship.

~Dee Robertson

Special Service – Governance Structure Review

On February 5, 2017 we had a special service at Westminster United Church to discuss the proposal for a new governance structure.  Tracy Murton was there to help facilitate the discussion and did a wonderful job of sparking some important conversation.  There will be a vote on the new governance structure in March so please take the time to get a copy of the proposal (from the office) and have a look to get familiar with the changes.  Questions can be directed to anyone on the visioning committee (Greig, Elan, Dee, Linda or Brenda).