WUC Dessert Tea, Craft and Bake Sale

The Westminster United Church Tea, Craft and Bake Sale is set for November 26, 2016.  It will be running from 2pm to 4pm.  Admission is $5

There will be a variety of gift/jam baskets, great little Christmas gifts for teachers, hand-crafted table runners and place-mat sets, and much, MUCH more… plus delicious Christmas Cakes (including a selection of gluten free fruit cakes!)

Gift baskets and crafts pictured below




One thought on “WUC Dessert Tea, Craft and Bake Sale”

  1. Every year I do my Christmas shopping at the Tea, Craft and Bake Sale! There is always a great selection of gifts for all ages and in a variety of price ranges.
    AND they have great TEACHER gifts too!(mugs filled with goodies, jam baskets, and more)
    Be sure to check it out!

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